Abused woman accuse Parika police of destroying evidence


A Parika, East Bank Essequibo woman has filed a complaint with Region Three Commander Errol Watts against ranks at the Parika Police Station who allegedly destroyed evidence in a case.

Simone Saffee told the News Room that she made multiple reports against a woman who has allegedly abused her over a number of years, but in the recent report, all the evidence has gone ‘missing.’ The son of the alleged perpetrator is said to be a rank from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who is stationed there and Saffee believes he may have something to do with the ‘missing’ evidence.

During an interview with the News Room on Friday, Saffee, 45, said she was severely beaten on Wednesday last by the woman and her daughter who both live in Parika.

She explained that when she visited the Parika Police Station to file a report, she told the officer there that similar incidents had happened in the past and were reported to the police, however, the officer could not find any of the reports or the medicals she took to the station.

“I went and make a report and when I did the report, I told them this could have been avoided cause I made a report before, but when the officer was looking for the report, there was no report, they not finding the report that I make,” the frustrated woman told the News Room.

Saffee is claiming that she is unaware of why she is being attacked and beaten by the woman.
“She [the abuser] said nothing can’t happen to her because she son gon get her out, she son is a CID. I feel scared, really scared; I cannot come out,” the mother of four stated.

Saffee explained that on Wednesday last (November 10), she was sitting in front of her neighbour’s yard when the woman’s daughter spat on her.

“I was sitting in front my neighbour gap on a chair and the woman and her daughter were walking on the road.

“The girl pass and she spit, she spit on me…and I said girl yall looking for problem and she turn back and scramble me off the chair by my hair and she throw me off on the ground, and start pulling my hair, then the mother come and holding me down and start cuffing me in my face and trying to get my face rub on the road,” Saffee recalled.

A week prior to this incident, Saffee claimed she was also beaten and attacked. But efforts to arrest the alleged perpetrators proved futile.

“The week before they did the same thing and I make a report and they send a police woman with me to arrest her and the officer went in and the woman [the abuser] called somebody on the phone and then she give the officer the phone to talk to the person and then the officer come and tell me the woman is not at home,” Saffee explained.

She further alleged that the mother and daughter have now threatened to kill her.

When contacted by the News Room on Monday, Commander Watts urged Saffee to file a complaint with him. The Commander also assured that he would look into the matter.

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