‘Wicked Comrades’ – Broomes cry shame at PNC/R and scolds party members


With strong disapproval for the manner in which campaigns are being run in the lead-up to the 21st Biennial Congress of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), party executive Simona Broomes on Friday lashed out at party members during a statement she live-streamed on her Facebook page.

Holding herself out at someone with the party’s best interest at heart, Broomes believes that the campaigns are divisive in nature.

Up to Friday, only Joseph Harmon and Aubrey Norton have been actively campaigning as they look to clinch the post of party leader. Dr. Richard Van West-Charles, another hopeful, will launch his campaign on Saturday in Linden.

Broomes called no names but said her message was one of unity as she labelled those sewing discord in their thrust to win “wicked comrades.”

“We have to unite now… you’re making your people sad, you’re making your people weep. You are losing your comrades… you are losing me, much less the people outside.

“A house that is divided cannot stand up… Broomes will not be in confusion and division,” she said, ending the live feed without offering her support for anyone.

The former government minister, who did not get a seat in Parliament when the party lost the last elections in 2020, believes that the PNC/R is so divided that it was in no position to fight outside threats.

“We already down to the ground,” Broomes said as she opened her live Facebook feed with the song ‘Lean on Me’ by the late Bill Withers.

Speaking directly to delegates who hold voting power at the elections, Broomes urged independent thinking. She said if the internal process for congress and electing a new leadership cannot be followed with decency then “we can’t make a change in the nation.”

Her voluntary rebuke of party members came even as some gathered at Congress Place, Sophia for the nominations day exercise on Friday.

All three contenders for party leader –  Joseph Harmon, Aubrey Norton and Dr. Richard Van West-Charles – have promised to bridge the current divide in the PNC/R and expand the party’s membership with a vision premised on diversity.

But as the “really upset” Broomes cautions, “you can’t destroy and then hope to build.”

“All of you is the same thing… if you prepare to walk then walk the good walk,” she added.

Broomes accused unnamed party members of ignoring their supporters while in government. “Oppressors you call it.”

“Forbes Burnham [founder leader of the PNC/R] turning in his grave to see what is happening.

“Look yourself in the mirror and say is me. Wicked comrades, do you understand why you call each other comrades and sing the battle song?” she asked.

The News Room was informed that Broomes has picked up a nomination for Chairman of the Party. It is unclear if she will accept that or any other nomination.

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