Berbice man killed while trying to save son from beating


A 61-year-old farmer of Woodley Park Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB) was brutally beaten to death on Saturday night as he attempted to save his 21-year-old son from a gang of men who attacked him.

Dead is Bheim Evans known as ‘Lailo’; the incident occurred at around 20:30hrs at Block D Bath Settlement, WCB.

Evans was beaten with a rope, cutlass and the gang of men used pepper spray on his private parts; they also threw gasoline on his face and then threw his body at the corner of a trench.

Evans was rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Two of the suspects have since been arrested.

His son, Tichan Persaud told the News Room that he (the son) had just left the ‘Level Up’ bar at Bath Settlement and was riding to his sister’s house when he was approached by five men armed with cutlasses and chains.

“They stop me and start beat me and telling me that I know what me father do”, Persaud said.

The young man said he told the men that he did not know what they were speaking of but the men continued to beat him with a rope and cutlass.

They then chained him up and by that time, his father arrived. The attackers then turned their attention to the father.

“They didn’t tell my father nothing, they just start beat me father. They lash he cross he face with the rope and with the cutlass.”

The distraught young man, who is nursing several injuries, said two of attackers accused his father of stealing a silver chain, a gold chain and eight silver rings from one of the suspects’ house.

Persaud said he kept telling the men that his father did no such thing but they continued to beat them and eventually his father lost consciousness.

“They take the man and throw he at the trench corner and I run and come to my sister that live right at the back and we call a taxi and collected my father and take him to the hospital.”

Investigations are ongoing.

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