Day and night police patrol for Christmas season 


Starting November 15, 2021 until January 15, 2022, there will be day and night police patrol in anticipation of an increase in crime for the Christmas holiday season.

During the launch of the Guyana Police Force Christmas Policing Plan on Monday, it was revealed that police patrol on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, and vehicles will be on duty.

According to Regional Commander for Region 4A, Senior Superintendent Simon McBean, during the Christmas period there is usually an increase in economic activity due to visitors arriving in the country and persons doing Christmas shopping. Over the years, the police have been formulating strategic plans aimed at combating and preventing crimes for this period.

Commander McBean said that robberies and simple larceny are most prevalent during this period. Persons doing their Christmas shopping and businesses are the usual targets for these crimes.

“This plan emphasises reassurance, the need to reassure the public that they can come to Georgetown and shop in an environment that is conducive, it emphasises deterrents, quick policing response, and public interaction that we hope to contribute to the promotion of positive reception of the police,” Commander McBean said.

“The Christmas season…also creates an increased opportunity of crime, traffic accidents, and congestions,” the Commander said.

Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Simon McBean

The Christmas policing plan is also intended to aid in the overall reduction of crime.

Region Four has been divided into 15 sectors consisting of foot, bicycle, and vehicle patrols. Each sector will be commanded by an officer or inspector and will also include several police booths.

The main sector in Georgetown will be Robb Street to the north, Hadfield Street to the south, Camp Street to the east, and the Demerara River to the west.

“This is the sector that will take most of our resources, six booths will be in this sector,” Commander McBean said.

There will be 14-foot patrols, 22 traffic foot patrols, three bicycle patrols, two motorcycles, three traffic motorcycles, and two-vehicle patrols in this sector.

Traffic accidents and congestion are also likely to increase; to this end, there will be 67 traffic patrols, 52 on foot, 15 on motorcycles, and two on motor cars.

According to Commander McBean, the plans were made based on analysis conducted by the police.

For this period, there will also be heightened intelligence-led operations, more focus on noise nuisance, and continued COVID enforcement. The Guyana Police Force will also be working in close collaboration with the City Constabulary and businesses.

Shoppers are being urged to conceal valuables, shop in groups if possible, plan their trip, avoid wearing expensive jewelry and clothing that may attract attention, and utilise alternative payment such as credit cards.

Additionally, Traffic Chief Ramesh Ashram said the intention is to ensure a free flow of traffic, minimize congestion, accidents and ensure all citizens obey the traffic laws.

Double parking, diagonal parking, containers, and trucks traversing during peak hours are among the concerns for the traffic department during this period.

There will be no entry to vehicular traffic going east between Alexander and Albert Street on Robb Street; no entry to vehicular traffic between Regent and North roads on Bourda Street.

Special emphasis will be placed on arrivals and departures at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and Eugene Correia International Airport.

The Traffic Chief is proposing that container trucks only operate between 22:00hrs and 05:00hrs daily.

Business owners are also advised to offload containers at terminals then transport the goods using lorries, canter to their business entities. Meanwhile, the CCTV Command Centre will also be monitoring all activities in real-time.


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