‘Fate’ led siblings to follow in family’s footsteps to become Guyana’s newest attorneys


The De Clou siblings – Ama, 25 and Delonte, 23 – did not have the slightest interest in the field of law despite growing up in a family of prominent lawyers. But the two became Guyana’s newest attorneys after being admitted to the bar by Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George, S.C. at the Demerara High Court on Monday

To the De Clou siblings who grew up in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, it was ‘fate’ that led them to this point – after five gruelling years of studying at the Hugh Wooding Law School in the Twin Island Republic.

Moments before taking their oath, the siblings were ecstatic and grateful because their hard work paid off.  They both credited perseverance as the driving force behind their success.

“This was truly a remarkable moment and I am happy to be here,” Ama De Clou told the News Room at the High Court in Georgetown.

For her, it was tough but working alongside her younger brother, Delonte made it worthwhile.

“Working with my brother definitely helped to make the journey much better than it would have been if I was working alone…it was not easy but I did it.”

While battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Ama fell sick during her studies and this she said was one of the hardest parts of her journey to becoming a lawyer.

“I was not prepared for the circumstances because when you are coming into a five-year journey, you only think about all the hard work you would have to do and not the small hiccups along the way but my brother helped me and pushed me along the way to get here,” she explained.

Delonte also credited his sister as a major source of encouragement during his studies.

For him, the only major issue present during his journey was the pandemic. But nevertheless, he was able to push through with his sister, right by his side.

“It is amazing to be in this moment right now…this is a culmination of five years of tireless years of studying at Law School,” Delonte shared.

He said, “I never really wanted to become a lawyer but I drew inspiration from the lawyers in my life, my mother and my aunt and people like Barack Obama who are also lawyers so it was fate that brought me and Ama to this profession.”

Their mother, Gloria De Clou who has her own private practice in Jamaica, was beaming with pride that her children entered into her profession.

“Me as a parent, I feel exceedingly happy to be able to welcome them into this profession,” the older De Clou said.

She never expected them to follow in her footsteps but “for whatever strange reason, they ended up in the profession and I am grateful.”

Their petition was presented by Senior Counsel Rafiq Khan, a close family friend.

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