People exploiting COVID quarantine for ‘sick days’- Dr. Anthony


If people have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they are advised to quarantine and get tested to confirm whether they too have been infected.

But, the Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony is wary that people may be faking their exposure to the deadly virus.

During his daily COVID-19 update on Wednesday, Dr. Anthony related that the Health Ministry has received reports of people who are purportedly, routinely exposed to people infected with the deadly disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

This concern, he said, can be a “problematic” one since it may signal that people are “exploiting the system”. That system is the requirements and guidelines put in place to ensure that the spread of the virus is limited.

And, Dr. Anthony said, “…if there is a pattern like that, then it is obvious that the employee or that person might just want days off rather than being genuinely sick with COVID.”

Cognisant of this challenge, Dr. Anthony said that different workplaces may roll out various policies to verify the reports from their employees.

Still, he emphasised that if an individual believes that he or she has been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19, then he or she should quarantine.

After about five days have passed, he said that the individual should get a PCR COVID-19 test to confirm whether he or she infected. If that test is taken before, it may not reveal if that the individual has been infected.

And, if positive, Dr. Anthony said that individuals should move from quarantine and begin isolating themselves from others. This is done to guarantee that the infection is not spread further.

Guyana has seen a decreased number of infections over the past few weeks, but Dr. Anthony previously said that people should not become complacent.

On Wednesday, however, he noted that a significant amount of active cases (that is, people who are currently infected) are found in Regions Two, Three, Four, Six and 10.

There are also 55 persons hospitalised in facilities across Guyana since they have experienced the more serious and life-threatening symptoms of the COVID-19.

Of that number, 35 people require oxygen since they have difficulties breathing on their own.

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