Over $2 billion in ‘ganja’ found & destroyed; suspects escape from cops


Two men managed to escape from police in an engine boat after they were found on a massive marijuana farm at Maria Henrietta Village, Berbice River on Wednesday.

Police Headquarters reported $2.02 billion worth of cannabis plants and seeds found on the farm were destroyed. Police said a total of 500,000 cannabis plants ranging from 1 to 8 feet were found on ten fields.

Additionally, 2,000 lbs of dried cannabis, 100 lbs of seeds, and four nurseries were also destroyed, Police Headquarters reported. Police said the illegal drugs were found on 40 acres of land. Six camps, suspected to be living quarters, were also discovered and later destroyed.

According to the police report, on arrival at the marijuana farm, two men were observed attending to the cannabis plants but upon seeing the police, they fled and escaped.

During the search by the police, several suspected empty 12-gauge shotgun cartridges were found in one of the camps, the police reported.

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