NSC, AAG collaborating for exposure of more hinterland athletes


The National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) will be partnering in the future to ensure that athletes in the hinterland communities are given the opportunity to compete on a consistent basis.

The AAG hosted the South American 10k and the majority of the athletes who competed were from well-established clubs in Georgetown, Linden, Berbice and West Demerara.

However, after the school ‘Nationals’ where athletes from the hinterland communities show impressive signs in the distant events, more often than not, they fade into obscurity.

Director of Sport, Steve Ninvalle, speaking on Sunday, said they have plans in the pipeline to cater more for hinterland athletes.

“One thing with hinterland athletes, it is about transportation and accommodation and we will be sitting with the president soon in order to not only iron out that, but there are some cross country events being held very soon that we can support,” the Director stated.

Ninvalle emphasised that the NSC has an “open-door” policy and it is the only way they can further understand the needs of each association to develop sport.

AAG President Aubrey Hutson reaffirmed their collaboration with the NSC and also stated there are plans to stage 5k and 10k races throughout Guyana, which will attract hinterland athletes.

Track and Field is listed as one of 12 core sports by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

Meanwhile, the Director of Sport further emphasised the drive that sport has on tourism and the possible impact it can have on Guyana in 2022 with vaccination rates improving.

He highlighted that the relatively large gathering for the race was commendable and had it not been for the COVID-19 restrictions overseas athletes would have attended.

In 2022, the AAG is eying the possibility of having two athletes from every South American nation attend the road race.

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