Employment for 1,000 Lindeners by end of 2022


Business process outsourcing firm, Midas BPO, in partnership with the Government of Guyana, is seeking to employ 1000 people in the coming year.

The alliance is a result of the PPP/C Administration’s unyielding commitment to tackle the country’s high unemployment rate through the creation of 50,000 jobs.

So far, the telecommunication company, located in Linden (Region Ten) has employed over 125 persons, since it was established in September. The agency has a rapid employment rate, which sees some 25 to 40 persons being employed daily.

During an interview with DPI, Midas BPO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Malcolm Sobers said the company is geared at creating a lasting impact through the creation of jobs, while restoring revenue to communities.

“Being able to provide jobs and make meaningful impact is greater than the bottom-line. We don’t want to be a nice shiny object you have for a short time; we really want to become a staple in Linden. The first goal is to become the largest private employer and we are looking to return real dollars back into the community.”

Lindeners currently employed at the telecommunication company lauded the government for paving the way for financial gain.

Daniel Anthony, an employee at Midas BPO, Linden, Region Ten (Photo: DPI)

“I would like to thank them because I see it as a major improvement especially for Linden. When I first came, I really liked the initiative because I saw a lot of youths coming off the street and having something to do. Young people have jobs now in linden, so I want to commend them for that. We welcome new growth in any form for linden,” Daniel Anthony, a sales agent told DPI.

Rayon Brummel, expressed gratitude to the government, as well. “For starters it has been good and quite challenging, I would like to thank the government because this is quite a nice venture of them to provide something for us to do, since you know in Linden there isn’t many jobs about so this is a nice venture.”

Fayon Bourne, another employee shared similar sentiments.

“Well, it has been a great experience thus far, I can’t complain and I am enjoying it thus far. I would like to say thank you all very much, it has been a great opportunity to open this working environment so a lot of young folks can come out and get jobs rather than being at home, having nothing to do, or just being on the street idling themselves. So, we are thankful.”

Fayon Bourne, an employee at Midas BPO, Linden, Region Ten (Photo: DPI)

“Well first of all thank you because it is a good initiative for Linden. You know, often times Linden is forgotten and so we are really grateful for it and would like to take the opportunity to tell the government thank you so much for this initiative,” Omisha Haynes related.

The telecommunication company has plans to expand their operations to Regions Two, Three, Five and Six.

During the partnership signing back in September, Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh said government is building an industry that will create meaningful employment for young people.

Omisha Haynes, an employee at Midas BPO, Linden, Region Ten (Photo: DPI)

He said the call centre industry is able to create more jobs for young people than any other sector.

Dr. Singh said the PPP/C Administration remains committed to its promises. In addition to pushing for the creation of 50,000 jobs, the government has also liberalised the telecommunications sector, as promised in its manifesto. He said the liberalisation will help investments like MIDAS BPO. (Extracted and modified from DPI)

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