Rawle Toney 3×3 Classic a pathway to crucial FIBA points for Guyana


For Guyana to boost its chances of contesting more FIBA 3×3 tournaments, and most importantly entering the main draw stage, there is a need for more FIBA-endorsed local 3×3 tournaments.

The Rawle Toney 3×3 Classic is FIBA-endorsed and will aid Caribbean players to get much-needed rating points.

After a two-year hiatus owing to COVID-19, the Classic will make a return on February 19-20, 2022, at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Exciting, urban, and innovative, 3×3 is inspired by several forms of ‘streetball’ played worldwide and is considered the world’s number one urban team sport.

Organiser Rawle Toney

In an interview on Wednesday, the organiser indicated the tournament holds key significance for Caribbean players.

“It is of more than important for basketball players to play at FIBA endorsed tournament. For example, if Guyana wants to qualify to compete at a qualification tournament for the 3×3 World Cup next year, they have to play at least three endorsed tournaments in their country,” he explained.

According to Toney, as it stands, the Classic is the only endorsed tournament so far within the Caribbean, and this helps with getting rankings points for players and by default, their country.

He further revealed that with few to no other FIBA 3×3 tournaments in the Caribbean, he has gotten a considerable amount of interest from players in Trinidad and Tobago and Aruba.

The organiser is also working in tandem with the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) to have Suriname attend the Classic.

The ultimate goal of the former national basketballer is to ensure that basketball players in Guyana have a worthwhile tournament on the calendar.

As it relates to sponsorship, Toney pointed out that all of the previous sponsors have already signalled their intention of returning, adding, “of course, with a larger undertaking this year.”

Sixteen teams will be vying for a winner’s purse of G$600,000. Toney highlighted that the 100% blossom of the prize money is in keeping with the evolution of basketball’s shortest format.

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