Oil & Gas Energy Chamber launches seminar for high school students


(Press release) – The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber (GOGEC) launched its inaugural oil and gas seminar for its first batch of high school students.

As part of a collaborative effort, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Co. Ltd (GTT) and the Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber (GOGEC) aim to educate Guyanese students throughout Guyana to prepare them for this emerging industry.

Students from Annandale Secondary School and Apex Education were awarded certificates of Attendance at the training today which focused on the opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector. These certificates were presented by Hon. Minister Indar, Minister of Public Works and the President of the Guyana Oil and Gas Chamber (GOGEC), Mr. Manniram Prashad.

Presenters at this session were Mr. Joel Bhagwandin, Financial Analyst; Mr. Bobby Gossai, Senior Petroleum Coordinator at the Ministry of Natural Resources; Mr. Sherif Alghali, Partner of Atlantic Oilfield Services; Mr. Tony Whyte, Chairman of the International Energy Conference and Expo and Mr. Roubinder Rambarran, Consultant.

The students were given a basic understanding of the economy, how the oil and gas value chain operates, and the various opportunities that exist not only in the oil and gas industry but all the other industries.

The students were also encouraged to pursue their dreams and to challenge themselves as they are the future of Guyana. This is real local content for the future.

Today’s session is a start to educate and prepare our students and future leaders for the changes and development that Guyana will experience.  As we develop the skills of our youths, we will enable them to take advantage of the opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

This massive training programme will cover a 14-month period throughout Guyana and will cover over 50 schools and 1,000 students. The official launch will be held early in December.

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