GFF and GNWFA launch Women’s Super 16 Festival


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and Guyana National Women’s Football Association (GNWFA) on this officially launched the GFF-GNWFA Women’s Super 16 Festival 2021, alongside a public campaign against domestic abuse, as part of the GFF’s plans for the safe return of senior football over the year-end holiday season.

Sixteen teams from across Guyana will do battle for the nation’s first female year-end title, which will feature the cream of women’s football talent, including several domestic-based Lady Jags.

The tournament will promote the tagline “We rise against domestic violence” to raise awareness about male-on-female abuse and inspire change across society.

“The true power of football to change lives, bring people together and create hope is only possible when women and girls are given equitable access to the game and its developmental resources,” said GFF President Wayne Forde.

“The inaugural Women’s Super 16 Festival 2021 is only the first step in bringing about the much needed institutional changes that are necessary to lift the profile of the female football across Guyana,” Forde added.

“While we still have a far way to go, we are determined to change the landscape for women’s football in the coming years.”

GNWFA President Andrea Johnson said the tournament will revive “women’s football in spectacular way” after the disruption caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year-end tournament will see 16 teams from the coastland and hinterland regions battling for supremacy and vying for over one million dollars in cash and prizes,” Johnson said.

“The teams and players are extremely elated to participate after being dormant for more than a year because of the pandemic. This is the first time we will be having more than five hinterland teams participating.”

“It promises to be electrifying and thrilling,” she elaborated. “Throughout the four weeks that this tournament will be played, we will witness in action Annalisa Vincent, Lakeisha Pearson, Shamaya Daniels, Shanic Thornhill and others. The tournament will be played under the tag line ‘We Rise Against Domestic Violence’ because we want the public to know that it’s not okay to abuse a spouse.”

The tournament will kick off in St Cuthbert’s Mission on December 11, with the final slated for January 2 at the GFF National Training Centre. Other matches will be played across the country, including in Georgetown, Leonora and Bartica.

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