Linden couple die days apart from COVID, pneumonia


A married couple from Mackenzie Linden, Hilton Lyle Snr and June Lyle died within two weeks of each other from COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses while at the Infectious Diseases Hospital at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

Mrs Lyle, 60, died on November 17 from pneumonia; she was in the COVID-19 transition ward at the hospital even though she tested negative four times, according to the couple’s only child Hilton Lyle Jnr.

Meanwhile, Hilton Snr., 64, died from COVID-19 while in the Intensive Care Unit on November 28. The 36-year-old son told the News Room that both of his parents were fully vaccinated; however, officials at the Health Ministry dunked this claim and noted that neither of the Lyles was vaccinated against the virus.

They were prominent business owners in the mining town and their deaths have come as a shock to the town and business community. June owned and managed Tropical Reflections Restaurant and Bar while Hilton Snr. owned Foreign Links Auto spares and Accessories.

“They were not sick people; my mom, she had a cough, she had a cough probably over a year now but she was using [bush medicine]. These were not like sick people in bed so as to say, my dad, he had no symptoms; he was walking and talking, doing everything the same,” Hilton Jnr. told the News Room on Tuesday.

According to him, his mother had a lung infection and pneumonia.

“What they said was she had a lung infection and she had pneumonia actually and after they ordered the x-ray they suspected COVID,” Hilton Jnr. explained.

June was taken to the ‘COVID’ hospital on November 16 and she died the next day. On November 18, his father was also taken to the ‘COVID’ hospital and five days later he was placed in the ICU.

“He was there for nine days. My dad, he was hypertensive,” Hilton Jnr. stated.

The young man is troubled that he did not get to see either of his parents before they died; he is worried about the treatment they may have received prior to their deaths.

He added, “The fact that they were 100% isolated that you can’t get to see or know exactly what is going on and however they are doing things, if they make a mistake or something, there is nobody there to justify what was done, so I just don’t like the way the COVID centre operates,” Hilton Jnr stated.

Hilton Jnr. said he will continue his parents’ legacy and do this best to make them proud.

“I am trying as much to stay sane and I read a lot so I try my best to stay positive and bring the positive out of this whole situation.

“Their work on earth is finished, they came on earth and they made me and it is my time now to journey on and take on the rest of the world and they can depend on me cause they have done their best.”

Hilton Jnr. is urging persons to follow the COVID guidelines and protect themselves and their loved ones.

The couple is among the 992 people who have died from COVID-19 in Guyana.

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