Stopping forgery? All vaccination cards must now have official stamp


When people produce their hardcopy or digital proof of vaccination as required by local authorities, an official stamp must be affixed to that vaccination card.

This is according to new COVID-19 regulations made under the Public Health Ordinance and published in the Official Gazette.

Regulation 19 specifically reads: “Where vaccination is a requirement, proof of vaccination shall be in English or a certified translation into English, and may be in a digital form or any other form provided that the form is identifiable and includes the official stamp of the applicable country.”

Proof of vaccination is required to travel into Guyana and is needed to allow people to freely access public buildings and some private buildings that members of the public have lawful access to.

Previously, the COVID-19 Measures stated that where vaccination is a requirement, the proof of vaccination shall be in English or a certified translation into English.

Over the past few months, individuals have been caught with blank, unstamped ‘COVID-19 books’. These booklets are the proof of vaccination issued by the Ministry of Health when an individual receives a COVID-19 vaccine but several people have been illegally obtaining, forging and selling these blank booklets.

It is unclear whether this prompted the government’s decision to institute this requirement for stamped booklets but the Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony said previously that the local authorities were exploring ways of curbing the forgery of these vaccine booklets.

In addition to this new regulation, it is important to note that the countrywide curfew remains intact. That is, from 12 midnight to 04:00hrs throughout the month of December.

All businesses, including markets, can remain open until 23:00hrs; the same also applies to bars and indoor and outdoor dining.

These regulations, previously known as the COVID-19 Emergency Measures, have been made by the Central Board of Health with the Approval of Guyana’s President Dr. Irfaan Ali.

This Board functions to, inter alia, advise the Health Minister when so required on all matters connected with the health of the Country, and frame regulations and if necessary, issue orders for the due and effectual enforcement of the duties to guarantee public health.

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