Teleperformance eyes new building to facilitate 1,500+ new jobs in 2022

- “We have run out of space”- CEO


Teleperformance, one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in Guyana, is looking to source a new facility to accommodate more than 1,500 new jobs for locals as it expands services here in the coming year.

That was birthed out of the fact that Teleperformance’s main headquarters on Camp and Robb Streets, Georgetown, has run out of space to facilitate more employees.

Teleperformance’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Guyana and Nicaragua, Luis Barretto, revealed this during the company’s fifth-anniversary celebrations held at the Pegasus Hotel on Monday.

“We are proactively sourcing for a second facility. My intent is to add about 600 to 800 additional workstations and those 600 to 800 more workstations could easily become 1500 more jobs for locals,” Barretto told those gathered.

Teleperformance’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Guyana and Nicaragua, Luis Barretto

And to facilitate this rapid expansion, the CEO revealed too that the company has adopted a new business model that would potentially see 30 international entities from the United States (US) entering Guyana’s market to procure the BPO services offered.

He was also happy to report that the company has made strides over the years and currently has approximately 1,200 full time employees – a goal that was set back in September and which has already been achieved.

And according to Barretto, it is because the company focuses heavily on its human resource capital. In fact, he pointed out that “almost 70% of the company’s costs goes to payroll.”

“Although we are an innovation and technology company, we are still a people company. We are a people-driven, people management company and that is something that we are not forgetting. The people that work daily, they are really the ones that are making everything happen,” he continued.

And even with the pandemic raging across the world, the company has been able to maintain its workforce, with some 50% working from the safe confines of their homes.

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh delivering feature remarks at the event

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh lauded Teleperformance’s success in Guyana, noting that it is a testament to the country’s “attractiveness” and “vast potential” in the BPO sector.

“It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know the world’s largest BPO company Teleperformance recognised these advantages to which I refer, recognised Guyana’s potential for being part of the global BPO industry and recognised Guyana’s competitiveness as a destination for BPO business.”

“It fills me with great satisfaction to hear and see the CEO’s positive, optimistic, almost bullish presentation on Guyana, on what has been achieved and what is yet to be achieved,” Dr. Singh related.

Part of the gathering at the event on Monday

The Finance Minister added that Teleperformance has a “partner” in the government as it views the BPO sector as one with the potential than any other sector to create jobs for young people.

In that regard, Minister Singh encouraged expanded operations throughout Guyana, not just in the capital.

“We see the sector as having a significant role in Guyana’s development far beyond Georgetown so I urge you to expand in the other regions…go to Berbice or to Linden as those areas are also ripe with BPO potential,” the Minister related.

Furthermore, the Finance Minister also called for more “value-added services” at Teleperformance. Teleperformance commenced its Guyana operations in October, 2017.

The company on a global scale serves more than 170 markets and has a presence in 80 countries, providing services in technical support, customer acquisition, sales and consulting.

At the anniversary celebration, several staffers were also awarded for their exemplary performance over the year.

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