Cheaper flights by 2022 as airlines await approval to ply Guyana route


By 2022, Guyanese will likely be afforded cheaper flights to destinations of their choice as more airlines have signaled keen interest to enter Guyana’s market; several applications are currently under review by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA).

While no names were disclosed, Director General of the GCCA, Egbert Field on Tuesday told the News Room that over six applications have been received thus far. According to him, this shows just how lucrative Guyana’s investment potential is.

“Since Guyana has become an oil producing nation, there has been an influx of international airlines wanting to come to Guyana…we had the introduction of American Airlines, Inter-Caribbean is coming, Fly Always and I must say, there has been great interest being generated right now,” Field stated.

That interest is expected to increase further in the coming years.


Director General of the GCAA, Egbert Field


Field pointed out that this will auger well for Guyanese because as more airlines ply the Guyana route, fares will become affordable in wake of looming competition.

For an airline to be approved to fly the Guyana route, it must be subject to a strict review process, the GCCA Head explained.  That process includes a thorough financial analysis to determine how viable, stable, solvent, and profitable the business is, accompanied by an economic analysis along with a review to satisfy airline safety requirements.

“…so, we review all their documents, their finances, track records and all of that, we take into serious consideration,” he explained.

The review process can take at least three months from the time the application was submitted to ensure that it goes through all the checks and balances before being approved.

Over the last year, Field said only Eastern Airlines pulled out from Guyana as a result of COVID-19 restraints but the airline has signaled an interest to return.

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