Mohamed’s Enterprise continues support of GFF/K&S year-end football


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF)/Kashif and Shanghai Organisation Year-end football tournament has received more considerable support, this time from Mohamed’s Enterprise ahead of the tournament’s commencement on Friday.

Several trophies and an undisclosed amount of cash were handed over to the organising team on Tuesday at Mohamed’s Enterprise’s Lombard Street location.

GFF President Wayne Forde, speaking in the presence of proprietor Nazar ‘Shell’ Mohamed, his son Azruddin Mohamed, and Co-Director of Kashif and Shanghai Organisation Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major, thanked the benevolent group for its continued support.

Naza Mohamed, in handing over the sponsorship, said the company remains committed to supporting sport in Guyana.

“It is really an honour to support the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation, and being an ardent supporter in Guyana. We have been there with this particular group for over 30 years and it is really something we are proud of,” Mohamed said.

Forde said that from a logistical standpoint they are ready for kick-off on Friday, December 10, when the West Demerara Football Association will play the Georgetown Football Association from 15:00h at the GFF’s National Training Facility, Providence.

The tournament has nine other playing days, with the final scheduled for January 1, 2022.

Talks are ongoing about the possibility of hosting the championship game at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, Linden.

The prize money will be between six to seven million, which will be split among the top teams.

The GFF is expected to announce soon the detailed prize structure for the tournament and the organiser stated they are working overtime to ensure the Most Valuable Player is fittingly rewarded outside of cash incentives.

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