PNC/R executives agree to postpone Congress to Dec 18


At a meeting of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) on Thursday, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) agreed to postpone its Congress to December 18, 2021, a party insider has confirmed.

The long-awaited and delayed Congress was slated for this weekend, December 11.

The recommendation to postpone came from the Chief Elections Officer for the Biennial Delegates Congress, Vincent Alexander who submitted a report to the CEC, pointing to a lack of preparedness.

Alexander’s recommendation was accepted by the Central Executive Committee by a majority vote on Thursday.

The News Room understands that the vote was taken after hours of heated exchanges in a hybrid meeting with some executives strongly opposing the move.

Earlier in December, the News Room had reported on the concerns of some senior members. It surrounded the resignation of three members serving on the very important four-member Accreditation Committee – Ganesh Mahipaul (Co-Chairman), Annette Ferguson and Carol Joseph – have resigned.

Another gripe ensued over the one-man show being run by Party Executive Mortimer Mingo, Co-Chair of the Accreditation Committee.

The Accreditation Committee is seen as a second layer of transparency and accountability with concerns previously raised with the involvement of the Party’s General Secretary Amna Ally. She was described by one of the candidates for party leader as a “threat” to the democratic process.

Now, the credibility of the Accreditation Report is under question.

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