$3.6 billion in upgrades for Suddie, West Dem. & Bartica hospitals


By Vishani Ragobeer

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Guyanese can expect to benefit from more medical services at three regional hospitals since a US$17.5 million (or $3.6 billion) loan is being spent to upgrade and modernise these facilities.

The three hospitals are: the Suddie hospital in Region Two (Pomeroon- Supenaam), the West Demerara hospital (in Region Three) and the Bartica hospital in Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni).

The loan is being provided as a line of credit from the government of India.

In an invited comment on Wednesday, the Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony said that the designs for the upgrades at the three hospitals should be completed by early 2022.

Once those designs are complete, the projects would go out to tender; thereafter, the works are expected to begin. There is not yet any timeline for the completion of the much-needed works at the hospitals.

Dr. Anthony, however, stated that the upgrades to these hospitals would include establishing out-patient facilities, including accident and emergencies sections; outpatient clinics; laboratories; imaging facilities; in-patient wards and operating theatres.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony also highlighted that the ministry is focusing on upgrading health services in other parts of the country.

Already, five hospitals are being upgraded through the US $4.2 million (or $835 million) SMART hospital project. With this project, the hospitals are being converted into climate-resilient facilities that use more solar energy and stored water.

The Diamond Diagnostic Centre in Region Four (Demerara- Mahaica) and the Lethem hospital in Region Nine (Upper Takutu- Upper Essequibo) have already been upgraded as SMART hospitals.

The Health Minister said that works at the Leonora hospital in Region Three and the Mabaruma hospital in Region One (Barima- Waini) are slated for completion before the end of the year.

Works continue at the fifth targeted hospital, which is the Paramakatoi facility in Region Eight (Potaro- Siparuni).

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