Gold miner who attacked employee over monies owed ends up dead


Victor Pedro, a 38-year-old gold miner of Lethem, Region Nine was murdered on Friday at his camp, situated at Turtle Creek, Five Star, North West District.

Police said according to the man’s 13-year-old daughter, at  about 19:00hrs, she was cooking in their kitchen when the female cook and her father became engaged in an argument over monies that he owed her.

As a result, the suspect who is the cook’s reputed husband, got involved.

Pedro reportedly armed himself with a sharp instrument, lashed the suspect twice about his body and slapped his music box out of his hand; a scuffle ensued.

The teen girl further claimed that she ran away but within minutes returned where she saw her father with a gaping wound to the middle of his head and another to the left side of his face.

She said the suspect and the female cook escaped.

Before he died, Pedro confided to his daughter that the suspect inflicted the wounds, police said.

When the police arrived, the body was found resting flat on the earth’s surface, and covered with a multi-coloured sheet.

The body was transported to the Port Kaituma District Hospital. The suspect has not yet been arrested.

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