Sport Minister appeals for corporate Guyana to support Culture and Sport

- Ministry establishing a registry for corporate Guyana


As the Government of Guyana continues its investment into Culture and Sport, the subject Minister, Charles Ramson Jr., is appealing for corporate Guyana to play an important role by investing heavily into these sectors, which drive the development of youth.

The Minister, speaking Sunday at the opening of the Guyana Football Federation/Kashif and Shanghai Organisation year-end tournament, made a passionate plea for the private sector to join in support of the Ministry’s work to raise the level of sport in Guyana.

Highlighting the first-ever Sport Academy for 12 selected core sports will have a phased commencement soon, he felt such dynamics add greater value to sport and in turn cater for substantial investment.

The Minister revealed that a registry is being established as the Ministry and the National Sports Commission seek to galvanise funds or form sponsored partnerships with corporate Guyana.

“When we reach out to them to say, we would encourage you to be part of the success of the sport, and the success of the country and the building of young people in this country, that they don’t turn around and say, our budget is too tight.”

Ramson Jr. further elaborated, “We see that you are doing well, we see that your corporate environment is expanding and when you have the opportunity to do business in the country and the government is paying so much emphasis on expanding the business environment for us to be able to see your business grow that when it comes to enhancing the young people and the opportunities and prospects for their life, sport and cultural activities play an important role for their own development.”

According to the Minister, the end product of tournaments has flamboyance, but behind the scenes, there are countless hours of work to produce such quality, and this is why substantial support is needed.

“I am calling on corporate Guyana to say, we are no longer going to just take no for an answer, you have a responsibility to the people of this country…we know how much it takes to get these events off the ground, how much coordinated effort it requires and that is why we are no longer going to take no for an answer.”

In December 2020, the Minister said his aim was to build the capacity of each National Sport Association/Federation to the point where they have “independent commerciality.”

“We are hoping in this nascent phase for many of these sports, we can help to nurture it so that it gets to the point of independent commerciality [and] that’s where we want to be able to take a lot of sports.”

Ramson Jr. further explained they want to help these bodies with their administration and they will monitor how they do their work so they can be accountable to their members.

The Minister’s drive for the Federations/Associations to become self-sustaining comes on the expected economic growth the country is anticipating in the coming years.

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