‘I want money or I will kill you’ – knife-wielding bandit robs female shopkeeper


A 51-year-old alleged bandit is in police custody after he robbed a 50-year-old shopkeeper on Tuesday of jewellery, cash and a cellphone.

Police Headquarters reported that the robbery occurred at Chiney Road, Moblissa Highway in Linden at around 13:12hrs.

The woman was robbed of $45,000 in cash; a gold wedding ring valued at $70,000; a gold ring with a white stone valued at $40,000 and a Samsung J2 cellular phone valued at $45,000.

According to the police, the victim was about to go outside of her house to do some washing and as she opened her door, the suspect whom she knows confronted her with a knife.

Police said that the suspect grabbed onto the victim’s neck and said, “I want the money or I will kill you”, while pointing the knife in her face.

The victim became fearful for her life and so she handed over the money as the suspect pulled off her gold rings and demanded more money but when she insisted that was all the money she had, he snatched her phone.

The bandit escaped and the police were contacted; a roadblock led to the fleeing suspect being apprehended in a hire car.

A search was conducted on him and the mentioned articles were found on his person along with $2,900 in cash. He remains in police custody.

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