‘Problem solver’ Volda Lawrence to stay away from ‘hectic fray’ of politics

--has no horse in PNC leadership race


Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Volda Lawrence for the first time on Thursday explained her reasons for not accepting nominations to continue her service within the leadership of the party.

As the current Chair of the party’s largest District, Georgetown, and Chair of the PNC/R women’s arm, a tired Lawrence told the News Room that these roles are enough for her at this time.

She said she remains the “problem solver” in the party but will stay away from the hectic fray of party and national politics as she takes time to attend to her health, her family and to rest.

Lawrence said she doesn’t know what the future holds but at this time there is no interest to serve on the Central Executive Committee of the PNC/R – the largest decision-making body of the party – or even to return to the National Assembly.

The former Minister of Health was recently nominated to be returned as Party Chairman but denied that nomination while saying that she welcomes the youth candidacy for the post.

“I have been working for as long as I can remember. When I was minister, I never took leave even though I was ill and it took a toll on me. Right now, I need time for myself and family,” Lawrence told reporters on Thursday.

She disagreed that she was taking a backseat, saying that her role will be to guide the younger generation of the party.

“So, I see myself at this stage of my life not in hectic fray but more as an advisor and guider… I want to do me and come out of the fray,” she explained.

“I don’t want to be in this, I’m tired.”

Lawrence said while she is not on the ballot paper when the elections are held on December 18 during the party’s 21st Biennial Congress, she also does not have a horse in the race.

“I decided from the inception that I will be the person to guide the process so I had to ensure I walk the middle line. So far, I have kept out of endorsing anyone. I have been here for everybody, dealing with complaints. I am the problem solver,” she said.

It was suspected that Lawrence had denied leadership roles because of the allegations of her involvement in attempts to rig the March 202- elections.

She is currently before the courts to answer those charges with the case coming up in the Magistrates’ Court on Friday, December 17.

Lawrence has maintained her innocence but the damage to her reputation is undeniable.

Lawrence has not explained how her signature appeared on the fraudulent declaration of March 05, 2020, which Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo declared. The declaration contained inflated figures designed to hand the APNU+AFC coalition a victory; a national vote recount found that the numbers were inflated in favour of the Coalition.

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