Bandits terrorise Festival City  family


Three women, ages 44, 22, 15, have been left traumatised after five bandits held them at gunpoint and ransacked their Festival City, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown house early Wednesday morning.

Chelsea James, the 22-year-old, told the News Room that the men entered the house through the back door at around 03:00 hrs. First, two of the bandits entered her room and snatched the gold chain she was wearing, and then dragged her into the other room where her 44-year-old mother and 15-year-old cousin were.

Another three bandits entered the building and together, they ransacked the house for valuables.

“With a gun to my head, they demanded that I show them where the money was located.

“The gun was also pointed to each of us to ensure that the passwords to our phones were correct,” James recounted.

Because the bandits did not initially find any money, one of the robbers threatened to chop the women. James said that she, her mother and her cousin begged the men not to hurt them and another bandit advised the man with the chopper not to harm the females.

After they finished searching the house, the men carted off with three cell phones, four laptops, other electronics, jewellery, and a large sum of cash. They even took foodstuff and floor mats.

Before leaving, one gunman told James that he would shoot her if she made any noise. The bandits escaped via an ally situated behind the house.

Since then, police have been investigating the matter but James said that it appears as though no progress has been made. The police reportedly promised the family to contact them when they get any additional information.

Meanwhile, not only is the family traumatised but James highlighted that they are left with an immense loss.

James and her mother attend the University of Guyana (UG) while the 15-year-old girl attends a secondary school. Without their electronic devices, they have been unable to complete assignments or even attend classes. And, their work has been lost.

“Apart from the physical things, these things are affecting us mentally,” James lamented.

She said that the family is unable to sleep since they are fearful of being terrorised again. The young woman also noted that the bandits told the family that they knew where they worked and as such, the family is all the more concerned.

For anyone who can provide any assistance to the family, James can be contacted on: 672-3855.

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