PNC/R Elections: Counting still ongoing; no clear winner for Chairman


Following its Congress and elections for a new leadership on Saturday, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) is behind on its promised update for announcing the preliminary results of those internal polls.

An update is likely later this afternoon but already Aubrey Norton has been unofficially declared the new Leader of the Party by members who have started to congratulate him.

These include his main opponent for the post Opposition Leader Joesph Harmon. Norton is said to have won nine of the ten Regions, with Region Seven alone going to Harmon.

Counting is still ongoing in the main voting district – Region Four – which had four polling stations.

There was no public update on the North American voters. Sources at the command center at the party’s Headquarters – Congress Place, Sophia – have said that while Shurwayne Holder is leading the race for Chairman in several Regions, it was still difficult to say whether he had actually won overall.

More than 100 persons contested for a spot on the Central Executive Committee (CEC), the main decision-making body in the party.

The official results will be declared by Chief Elections Officer Vincent Alexander.

Some 3, 000 delegates voted during these elections which were contested by a high level of youth members of the PNC/R.

Aubrey Norton cast his ballot at Congress Place during the elections on Saturday.

When Norton becomes leader, he will also have to name his General Secretary who will replace Amna Ally. She said on Saturday that she was stepping down. No one knows who that replacement will be just yet.

The conversation among party members Sunday morning was whether Norton should now control power by also becoming the Opposition Leader with the PNC/R being the main political force in the APNU+AFC Coalition.

Norton is also not the leader of the Coalition just yet. Former President David Granger, who he will replace as Leader of the PNC/R, is currently the Leader of the APNU+AFC and controls who is given a seat in Parliament.

Granger was effectively booted out, securing no nomination to return as leader.

Harmon has said that he doesn’t intend to give up the Opposition Leader post although he can be removed on a 1/3 vote of No Confidence by opposition members in Parliament.

Granger, Norton and Harmon will have to address these issues when the official results are declared.

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