The Main Street lights were exactly what Christmas needed!


By Shikema Dey

Let’s face it – spending a second Christmas marred by the COVID-19 pandemic is not ideal. The traditional activities Guyana was used to were no longer permitted due to the guidelines set out to guard against the spread of the virus.

Things seemed a bit bleak. That is until the Main Street Lights and Christmas Village restored that Christmasy feeling that Guyanese knew and longed for and with a kaleidoscope of colours, it quickly became the main Christmas attraction in the capital city.

The Avenue is abuzz with action every night since December 8 when the lights were installed. The Christmas Village that opened later on December 18 was exactly what was needed this season.


Check out the lights on Main Street! (Photo: Vishani Ragobeer)


One could even say that the fanfare experienced now is similar to what was experienced during the Court Main Street Light Up – the once highly anticipated event especially for the kids who would squeal in excitement at seeing their favorite characters like Santa, Spongebob, Mickey and Mini Mouse among other favorites. Now, Guyanese have the Christmas Village to enjoy.

Families from all across the country, from all walks of life would flood Main Street as soon as the sun set and the lights come on to witness the display of close to 1,000 colourful Christmas lights wrapped around the huge trees.

And if that was not enough, Main Street also sports a 10ft ‘JOY’ sign – a brilliant addition by First Lady Arya Ali which currently serves as the perfect background to snap memories to last a lifetime. The Main Street Avenue is also a magnet for couples in matching outfits (mostly pajamas).


The ‘JOY’ sign is a fan favourite! (Photo: Vishani Ragobeer)


The area is devoid of garbage and with the heavy presence of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Guyanese feel safe enough to roam freely.

So if you’re feeling a bit down and longing for that Guyanese Christmas feeling, head down to Main Street. Snap a few pictures, bask in the lights and make some new memories.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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