‘Joyous Christmas made possible by essential workers’ – PM says in Christmas Day message



Fellow Guyanese,

Christmas is here once again. At this time of year, gratitude is one of the strongest feelings we have and this year, even as we observe it for the second time amid the ongoing pandemic, it is not lost on any of us that the opportunity to meet and celebrate Christmas once again is a blessing.

This year, while we have no doubt suffered losses and disappointments, we were still able to meet with family and friends in a way that we were unable to last year. Yet, the challenges of the pandemic remain before us, and every day we, as a government, as a people and as individuals, must find new ways to continue to live our lives, while trying our best to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

So, even amid the festivities, we must not forget to stay vigilant, safe and take every precaution possible, as these are the only ways we can ensure that we protect ourselves and our loved ones while still being able to enjoy the season and all that it brings.

I take this time to extend my gratitude to the public servants, frontline workers, the private sector, the entrepreneurs and all those who have been instrumental in working towards ensuring we continue to serve our people even amid necessary restrictions. Because of you, we can still operate on some level of normalcy even at this time; it is because of you that we can still enjoy Christmas.

I urge, too, that we also keep the true meaning of Christmas- the birth of Jesus Christ, and the lessons that it teaches- close to our hearts. It is a time of celebration of life and restoration of hope; a time of giving and joy. These are the tenets that we must hold fast to, despite the setbacks that may hang over our heads.

As Guyanese people, whether we are at home or living abroad, we have the amazing ability to shine brightly through our rich culture and practices. And so, I look forward to seeing that brightness this Christmas as a show of that true Guyanese spirit that we have always so proudly showcased. This bright spirit will continue to guide us through the most difficult of times.

I encourage us all to take a moment to pause and indulge in the festivities and wish you all a peaceful, safe and joyous season filled with love, happiness and prosperity.

Merry Christmas, Guyana!

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