PNC/R’s Christmas message


See below full press release from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R): 

The People’s National Congress Reform gladly takes this opportunity to join in expressing heartfelt Seasons Greetings to the Christian community and to all Guyanese as we celebrate Christmas 2021.

Christmas is an occasion that allows us to enjoy and celebrate together. It is teemed with the potential to promote national unity as is the case of other festivals in our rich Guyanese culture. It is a time for sharing with each other. Let this Christmas live up to that tradition.

It is also fitting to express our deepest gratitude to our Party members, supporters and all Guyanese who have expressed confidence in our leadership. We feel certain that your trust is well founded and promise to adequately represent you as we remain in contact with our people.

We appreciate very much your firm conviction that we can represent your interest. We will live up to that expectation. Let this Christmas be the beginning of a new era in which the average Guyanese feels represented.

Our duty is to return to every nook and cranny in each village and community so as to be aware of our people’s needs and concerns and to articulate them with the aim of improving their lives.

Christmas is a time for giving. The People’s National Congress Reform has been involved in a number of social activities aimed at bringing relief and joy to the poor, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. This tradition we will intensify and increase in the future.

It is the People’s National Congress Reform sincere hope that public servants would have continued to enjoy increased wages and salaries at a level that would have cushioned the impact of the high cost of living. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Notwithstanding, it is our sincere hope that our people will continue to be resilient and have an enjoyable Christmas in these difficult circumstances.

This opportunity is taken to wish our fellow Guyanese a very Merry Guyanese Christmas.

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