Nude body with gaping head wound found at Mahaica identified as Lusignan man


The nude body of a man of Indian descent found with a gaping head wound on the De Hoop Public Road, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD) last Thursday has been identified.

He is said to be 43-year-old Neville Parbhu called ‘Plunga’ of Lot 7 Lusignan, ECD; his body was identified by his two cousins on Monday, police said in a report.

Parbhu, according to his cousins, was of an unsound mind and “would walk all over”.

According to the cousins, Parbhu left his home early in December and did not return. A report was not made, they said, because it was normal for the man to leave and return weeks after.

It was only after a photo of his body was published on social media seeking identification that relatives knew something was wrong.

Police had reported that Parbhu’s body was found naked, lying on the Mahaica Public Road.

The body had what appeared to be a gaping wound to the forehead with bruises about his body; his right eye appeared to be pushed out of its socket and brain matter was on the road.

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