Gov’t says Natural Resource Fund Act passed and lawful 


See full statement from the Government of Guyana below:

The Natural Resource Fund Bill, No. 21 of 2021, was passed in the National Assembly of Guyana on December 29th, 2021 despite the Opposition’s despicable and reprehensible behaviour to block its passage in the Parliament.

The 2019 Act stands successfully repealed at the moment and has been replaced by this hallmark piece of legislation which will ensure the security, transparency and accountability that Guyanese need in order to benefit from the oil and gas revenues. The Bill provides for a governance structure of how these monies will be used with continuous public disclosures, audits and Parliamentary approvals.

It must be noted at the time when the vote was called every Member of the Government side of the house was seated and voted for its passage. The mace was also in place at the time when the question was put to the house and the vote taken.

The APNU+AFC Coalition and the rest of the opposition Members of Parliament should examine the video footage and other recordings of the events in the National Assembly that prove that the Natural Resource Fund Bill was lawfully passed and is now binding and legal.

Therefore, no spin and statement of the APNU+AFC Coalition Opposition, after their despicable and revolting behaviour, can change the sequence of events which unfolded today. No propaganda or false information can be peddled by the Opposition which decent minded people would believe.

The APNU+AFC Coalition Parliamentarians’ objective of stopping the passage of this important piece of legislation that would benefit all Guyanese and move our country rapidly forward in its transformation as a modern democratic nation, ended in abysmal failure.

Blinded by their anti-national stance they failed to notice that the Government was determined to proceed with the people’s business and conclude this historic piece of legislation on behalf of our people and nation. The PPP/C Government will not be derailed by threats, intimidation and bullyism; this has been affirmed during the long 5 months after the March 2nd General and Regional Elections when the same APNU+AFC Coalition tried to steal the elections and subvert the will of the people to elect their representatives at a free and fair elections.

The Government of Guyana strongly condemns the APNU+AFC Coalition Parliamentarians’ lawlessness and defilement of the National Assembly, the Speaker, the Clerk and staff never seen before.

The Government urges the Speaker to do what is necessary to avoid a recurrence, unchecked our highest law making forum will be further desecrated unimpeded.


December, 29, 2021


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