Churches, bars can open until after midnight with ‘one night’ curfew change  


Churches, restaurants and bars are permitted to open until after Friday midnight, New Year’s Day, as the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) has shortened the curfew for the Old Year’s night.

According to a holiday advisory from the Task Force, the churches, restaurants and bars will be permitted to open until 00:45 hrs on Saturday (January 1).

And for this night only, the national curfew will be from 00:45 hrs to 04:00 hrs. the curfew will return to its usual period- from 00:00 hrs (midnight) to 04:00 hrs- from Sunday.

The advisory noted that this change has been made to accommodate people who are keenly interested in engaging in some Old Year’s – New Year’s activities.

Importantly, however, the advisory reminded that there are COVID-19 regulations in place. And as such, it stated that people are encouraged to adhere to celebrate in their homes and using the guidelines for worship at churches.

It was also emphasised that the Task Force will take serious action against unauthorized events, unregulated bars and street parties.

The weekend prior- the Christmas weekend- the Task Force cracked down on several events that were in violation of the COVID-19 regulations.

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