Headless, decomposed weeks-old toddler found floating in canal


Police Friday said the decomposed headless body of a baby, averaging between two to three weeks old, was found floating in a canal at Land of Canaan East Bank Demerara.

The Guyana Police Force in a statement said the discovery was made by persons who were walking along a trail beside the koker in the village.

The police were summoned and on arrival the body had floated from where it was initially seen. However with the assistance of Kevin Ramiscindo, a 19-year-old resident, ranks canvassed the area and the body was eventually found between a clump of grass in the canal, about fifteen feet from the Demerara River.

The body was fished out of the water and checked. However, because of its current state of decomposition, marks of violence could not have been determined.

The area was further checked for the head but that proved futile. It is unclear how the head was severed.
The body was subsequently transported to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home pending further investigations and post mortem.

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