Bandits caught after robbing businessman of over $4.8M in cash, $3.5M in phone cards


Police in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) caught two suspected bandits in the backlands of Lima Sands after they robbed a Charity businessman of over $4.8M in cash and $3.5M in phone cards at his house.

The robbery occurred in the wee hours of Saturday and the businessman was only identified as “Sancharra.”

According to a police report, the businessman was just about to open his business when the two perpetrators approached him.

One was armed with a knife, and placed that knife to the man’s throat. The other perpetrator, who was armed with a cutlass, attacked the businessman’s 57-year-old wife. Both perpetrators taped the hands and feet of the businessman and his wife.

Soon after, the bandits searched the premises and collected the phone cards and cash. They then made their escape.

Police reported that the businessman had managed to free himself and ran behind the suspects. He managed to chop one of them but he was then chopped by the other bandit. Both of the bandits were able to escape after.

The businessman was taken to the Charity Public hospital where he was examined by the doctor on duty, but he was later transferred to the Suddie hospital in a stable condition.

With assistance from public-spirited citizens, including those from the Charity community policing group, police officers cordoned off the New Road to Dartmouth backlands where the suspects fled.

After about five hours, the suspects were apprehended and taken to the Charity Police station.

The stolen items were recovered while the suspects remain in custody, pending charges.

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