Pres. Ali to engage youth groups on their views, interests in new year


As part of his plans for 2022, President Dr. Irfaan Ali says that he intends to engage Guyanese youth groups- including the youth arms of all political parties- to understand their interests and views on the country’s development.

During his virtual New Year address on Friday night, the President said that it is important for Guyanese youth to articulate what country they would like to inherit.

He has committed to meeting with the organised groups individually.

“I want to hear their views and how they think.

“… The next generation must be better than this one,” the Head- of- State emphasised.

There are numerous organised youth groups in Guyana, ranging from religious groups to political bodies.

The President’s intention to engage with the youth on their views and interests comes against the backdrop of his plan to generate more educational and employment opportunities for young professionals.

In fact, during his address, he highlighted that he has already asked the cabinet ministers to implement policies within their respective ministries and departments that will allow Guyanese youth to gain training and occupy more leadership positions.

“The ground must be ready now for young guyanese now to assume those positions regardless of their race, colour or creed,” President Ali said.

The President also talked up the strides his government has been making in ensuring that there is widespread development in Guyana, preventing the country from becoming a “rich nation of poor people”.

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