Probe launched into death of newborn at NA hospital


An investigation has been launched after the death of a baby during delivery on New Year’s Day at the New Amsterdam Hospital in Region Six.

The child’s mother, Alliyah Rambarran of No. 72 Village, Upper Corentyne has since accused the hospital of negligence. She claimed that the baby was too big since she weighed 9.5lbs and was stuck in her birth canal.

The 21-year-old grieving mother is adamant that if she had received better care her baby would still be alive.

The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Bob Ramnauth has since told the News Room that a probe was launched and a report is being prepared on what really transpired.

The CEO further disclosed that they have also met with the family and will meet with them again on Wednesday.

Rambarran, who is a mother of a one-year-old, explained that after she visited her local clinic on December 30, 2021, she was told that she was 40-weeks pregnant and would deliver her baby by January 01, 2022.

However, on Friday, December 31, she started to feel unwell and decided to travel miles to the New Amsterdam Hospital. There, she was told that she was 38 weeks pregnant and that she had only dilated to three centimeters.

The young mother recalled that she told the hospital she had travelled a long distance after they told her to go home and return the next day. As such, she was admitted.

Not long after, she started to experience contractions and by the next day, January 1, she had only dilated to 4cm. Later that same afternoon, Rambarran said she was in pain and was taken to the labour room where the doctor on duty said she had dilated to 7cm.

“Baby’s heartbeat was okay, my contractions were okay,” the grieving mother said.

Sometime around 14:00hrs, Rambarran said labour was induced and later she was told to push.

“The baby head was out but I was told that baby shoulder was stuck, I tried my best but I couldn’t make it”, a tearful Rambarran recounted.

She remembered that it took about half an hour for the baby to be delivered, but she did not hear her baby cry and she knew something was wrong.

“They came back in like 15 minutes and said my baby didn’t make it.”

She posited that if the medical staff at the hospital had done an ultra-sound on the day she was admitted, they would have known that the baby was too big. She claimed that the staff relied on an ultra-sound she had done three weeks prior to her delivery.

The baby was laid to rest on January 04, 2022.

The New Amsterdam Hospital continues to rack up neonatal deaths and even though the authorities claim that investigations are conducted, there are no updates provided on the findings of those investigations or whether any action is taken.

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