Squash League expanding reservoir of talents, says GSA official


In September 2021, Deja Dias, Chairman of the Competitions Committee of the Guyana Squash Association (GSA), piloted an inaugural League, which was contested until December 2021 at the Georgetown Club Courts.

While the tournament allowed the nation’s top-tier players a chance at more competitive action, it also opened the floodgates for new talents to join the sport.

“The true essence of the League is mid to bottom because those are persons being exposed to competitive play for the first time. We have seen a lot of success with players who just picked up a racquet, but they came from other sports because other sports are not really active currently,” Dias revealed.

The League is a great competitive tool for both new and emerging players

“The intention of the League was to get people playing squash again- that was the true goal,” he added.

The GSA is hopeful it can make a resumption to the highly competitive League in February, just after the Masters tournament.

According to Dias, the first leg of the League had 360 matches. In the last League, 60 players were divided into 10 groups, and in this league, Dias said groups are derived based on skill level.

Players are required to win the best-of-five sets in their matches and those games are timetabled based on the availably of the players.

The first tournament on the agenda for the GSA in 2022 is the Bounty Farms Handicap, which is scheduled for early February.

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