‘Taco’ nabbed for Reg. 1 double murder


Thomas Kyte called ‘Taco’ was on Thursday nabbed by police in Region One (Barima-Waini) in relation to the Christmas Eve double murder at Nassano Backdam, North West District (NWD).

According to police sources, ‘Taco’ was turned over to law enforcement at the Mathews Ridge Police Outpost. He was wanted along with Kurtland Damon called ‘Cartoe’ for the murders of Sherwin Goddett, a 29-year-old gold miner of Dredge Creek in the Upper Pomeroon, and Shawn France, a 21-year-old gold miner from Akawini Creek, Pomeroon.

Damon is 50-years-old and his last known addresses are Pomeroon in Region Two and Friendship on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD), Region Four.

STILL WANTED: Kurtland Damon called ‘Carto’

Police had said that Godette and France are relatives, both employed by 46-year-old gold miner Terrence Evans.

At about 11:00hrs on Christmas Eve last year, Goddette, France and two other miners left their camp at the backdam and went to a landing at Indra’s Shop where they purchased five bottles of Black Stone rum.

Around 22:30hrs, however, France had a heated argument with Marie Welcome, a 29- year-old bartender at the shop, over a bottle of champagne. Police said that France became annoyed and threw the bottle to the ground.

A scuffle ensued between the individuals at the shop and France reportedly attacked several individuals with a pair of scissors. While France attempted to stab another gold miner identified as 35-year-old Alvon Claus, the man discharged a single round from his licensed firearm in the air and the fighting ceased.

During the scuffle, however, Devor Stohl called ‘Jubbu’ sustained a cut to his abdomen which caused his intestine to protrude. According to Daniel Beck, another patron of the bar, Damon, who is Devor’s father, and Kyte attacked the group comprising Godette and France.

Goddette and France were, reportedly, fatally stabbed. A report was made at the Port Kaituma Police Station. Sometime later, ranks visited the area and discovered the bodies of Goddette and France lying motionless, face-up about 15 feet apart.

France was shirtless and both bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition.
The ranks later buried the bodies and marked the grave with a view of exhumation at a later date.

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