Proprietor charged for assaulting GNBS inspectors during seizure of substandard electrical products


The proprietor of Carrefour Hardware store on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) has been arrested after assaulting two inspectors of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS when they attempted to remove a quantity of substandard electrical fittings and equipment from the business.

The inspectors visited the Hardware store during routine inspection activities where it was observed that the items did not meet the labelling requirements of the National Standards.

As a result, the owner of the business was informed that the items had to be seized and removed, pending corrective actions.

However, during efforts to seize the substandard items, the female proprietor of the establishment proceeded to obstruct the inspectors from carrying out their function. The proprietor began to physically assault one of the male inspectors and the police were summoned to the scene. The female proprietor was subsequently arrested, taken to the Den Amstel Police Station and charged.

The GNBS seized 143 pieces of power supply cords, five pieces of knife switches, 694 receptacles, 188 plugs and 248 lamp holders, from the Hardware store.

Inspectors are empowered under Section 28 of the Standards Act of 1984 and its Amendment of 1997 to without previous notice, enter any premises, inspect commodities monitored by the GNBS, and request relevant documentation. Additionally, inspectors have the power to seize and detain products that are in contravention of the Act.

To obstruct GNBS inspectors from carrying out their functions is a contravention of the law and such abrasive actions by any stakeholder will not be tolerated.

The GNBS, under its Product Compliance Programme monitors seventeen (17) categories of products based on compulsory National Standards. The Products include electrical fittings and equipment which are monitored based 31 compulsory National Standards.

(GNBS release) 

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