Mohamed’s Enterprise to transform Melanie ground into multi-purpose facility


Mohamed’s Enterprise, through its Managing Director, Azruddin Mohammed, will be funding the rehabilitation of the playfield at Melanie Damishana, East Cost Demerara.

In a statement, Team Mohamed’s revealed that initial caretaking works were started by Attorney-at-Law James Bond and his Cigars and Cognac Group after the ground was overgrown by grass.

It meant the community of Melanie North was not able to utilise the facility and after numerous conversations with Bond about Community and Development and Empowerment, Mohamed opted to fund the project.

Azruddin Mohamed (white top) recently held an outreach programme in the community (Photo: Team Mohamed’s)

“I have had numerous conversations with Bond about Community Development and Empowerment and I visited the particular ground and spoke to the young people in the area who have stated that they would love to participate in sporting activities right there in the playfield. I proposed making it a multi-purpose facility properly fenced and with an internal walking track so that everyone young or old can benefit from the use of the playfield,” Mohamed expressed.

Facilities will be developed for football, beach volleyball, and a FIBA specified basketball court. “Since Melanie has its own football and basketball team this will greatly help them in preparation for national Team representation,” Mohamed said.

He added, “Economically, this will benefit the community as well since fundraisers and sporting events can be kept at the ground and the people of Melanie, Enterprise, Non-Pariel, and Paradise could all benefit in one way or the other. This will also take some young people off of the streets and away from negative influences.”

“My advice to all the youths of these communities is to stay focused and work to improve your lives and the lives of your families. God bless you all.”

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