GFF opens mid-season transfer window

- Clubs urged to process transfers in a timely manner


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) on Sunday reminded its members, clubs and players that the mid-season transfer window has opened to enable the transfer of players between clubs.

During this transfer period, which runs from January 1 up to and including January 31, the GFF would like to encourage clubs to process any desired transfers in a timely manner to avoid last-minute transactions, which seem to have become the norm.

General Secretary of the GFF, Ian Alves, said this is a great opportunity for clubs to bolster their squad capacity and increase their chances of success in forthcoming competitions this year.

General Secretary Ian Alves

“Coming out of the recently concluded year-end tournaments contested across the GFF’s regional associations, clubs and teams have had a good chance to take note of their deficiencies on the pitch, if any, or to see what possible projected adjustments might be needed in order to improve the team’s performance going forward,” Alves said.

“The mid-season transfer window provides those clubs and teams with an excellent opportunity to fix whatever needs fixing in terms of their composition and cohesion on the field of play. It is therefore anticipated that maximum use would be made of this opportunity accordingly.”

A domestic transfer, in order to be considered procedurally correct, must involve the former club, the player, the former regional association (RA), the new club, and the new RA (in the case of a transfer out of the former regional association).

“The GFF will treat a player transfer as complete only if all of these entities are informed and involved, and provided that none of them raise any legitimate concerns about the attempted transfer and, as a result, refuse to concur or approve the transfer,” Alves added.

The new club has the recourse to seek the intervention of the relevant RA, or subsequently the GFF, if it is of the view that the transfer is being unjustly hindered by the former club or the relevant RA. The GFF acts as the RA for Elite League clubs. (GFF)

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