As works advance, monies to be made available for Timerhi to Bartica, Corentyne to Canje road links


Months after discussions were ramped up and preparatory works began on the Timehri, East Bank Demerara to Bartica Road link, the government announced earlier this week that the alignment has now been cut and works on actual construction will move ahead this year.

The road link is expected to reduce travel time to Bartica in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) which is currently only accessible by boat or otherwise through Linden, Region 10.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill (News Room/ October 15, 2021)

“We have advanced in terms of preparatory work beyond just merely designs but the cutting of the alignment of the road from Sand Hills to Bartica that is a road that will link Timehri with Bartica.

“We have spoken about this and work on that is also advanced; it’s part of the transformative agenda of President Ali in terms of the infrastructure that we are doing,” Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill told reporters at a press conference on Monday last.

In April 2021, Edghill and a team of technical personnel had inspected the proposed route for the road. During the inspection, the team travelled from Bartica to Foulmouth Dock on the Essequibo River, then along a logging trail to Makouria River, then on to Sand Hills and Timehri.

Once the road is complete citizens would not have to travel to Linden, then on to Rockstone, through to Sherima Crossing to take a barge, and then make their way to Bartica. Both routes are lengthy, something the road link would fix.

Reporting on other road projects, Edghill said the Del Conte Road and the proposed Parika to Goshen Road have also seen an advancement of works and the alignment is being cut.

“We are clearing it because in 2022 you will see us moving into the construction phases of all three of these roads.

“We also wish to bring to your attention that in Budget 2021 we spoke of linking the Corentyne highway with the Canje Creek at Number 58. I will invite members of the media to visit and see how advanced that project is both in terms of getting the asphaltic road in as well as the bridges to be installed so that has been a major project that has been advanced in 2021,” he noted.

These new road links are intended to open up new lands for housing, agriculture and manufacturing.

“Now the transformative projects that I have just mentioned are in no way the sum total of what we are doing but it represents some of the new initiatives that President Ali has advanced and the Ministry of Public Works has pushed to get moving so that we could get the implementation.

“It is intended to be able to reduce travel time and to be able to move goods and services at a cheaper cost from region to region and to ensure that Guyanese are able to live in greater comfort,” Edghill said.

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