Cops hunting litter bugs who dumped garbage at Durey Lane hours after massive clean-up


The Guyana Police Force is on the hunt for person (s) who dumped a quantity of garbage along Durey Lane, Campbelville, Georgetown, hours after President Irfaan Ali led a massive clean-up of the area and other parts of Georgetown on Saturday.

The police are currently conducting an investigation, including reviewing CCTV cameras, aimed at identifying the person or persons responsible as well as anyone found to be littering the city through the unlawful disposal of garbage.

“The Guyana Police Force is cautioning members of the public that it is unlawful to be dumping garbage in the city of Georgetown and its environs, and anyone found doing so will face the full force of the law,” the report from the police noted.

President Ali had signalled a warning to litter bugs that the act will not be tolerated.

“We are going to put police presence at these sites where people continuously dump their garbage, who are worse than the garbage itself because they have no regard for the environment,” the Head of State pointed out.

  1. Matthew says

    6 months in prison for this and it would stop overnight.

  2. Matthew says

    Time to start taking pictures and posting them on facebook…..every time you see a litter bug…….or send them to the Police. Give the litterbug a choice 6 months in prison or clean 1 mile of highway, both sides 6 times in 6 months.

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