DDL mourns passing of ‘national treasure’


Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) has joined many local private sector bodies in mourning the loss of Dr. Yesu Persaud, who was a former chairman of DDL. In glowing remarks, the body described its former chairman as a national treasure but also someone whose leadership was robust and exemplary.

See below full statement from DDL:

Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) joins the family, friends, nation, and international community in mourning the loss of our former Chairman, Dr. Yesu Persaud. He lived a life which brought to the fore the best possibilities which often were invisible to others. His revolutionary initiatives quite often challenged convention but were extraordinarily successful as is evidenced by what DDL is today.

The DDL we know today owes a great debt of gratitude to Yesu Persaud, for his bold and imaginative leadership for over four decades. Present and future generations of employees are and will be thankful for the strong foundation that he has built to make our company succeed. We will forever be appreciative for the career opportunities we enjoy today, which are all possible because of the carefully constructed foundation designed by a master architect, the late Dr. Yesu Persaud.

During his years at DDL, Dr. Persaud was at the forefront of innovation, modernization, and diversification. He was a champion for causes of our employees, customers, and shareholders. He always displayed abiding humility and understanding, while at the same time promoting the highest levels of discipline, honesty, and productivity.

One of the things we will always remember about Dr. Persaud is his unending philanthropy.

DDL’s journey over the years was not without its challenges, particularly in its early years. However, Dr. Persaud’s leadership was robust and exemplary.

As we mourn Dr. Persaud’s passing, DDL will continue to draw on the life of this national treasure; his unmatched approach to governance, and his staunch commitment to doing what is right. The Board of Directors, Management, and staff at DDL extend to his bereaved wife and children and all his loved ones, our sincerest condolences on this great loss. We hope you can find comfort in the extraordinary achievements of his lifetime and the very impactful contribution which he made.

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