‘His vision directly transformed thousands of lives’ – IPED on the passing of Dr. Persaud


The Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED) has joined with the numerous other organisations expressing grief at the death of renowned Guyanese businessman Dr. Yesu Persaud. This institute was founded by Dr. Persaud.

See below full statement from IPED: 

The entire IPED family mourns the passing of Dr. Yesu Persaud CCH, our founder, leader, mentor, guide and friend.

While Dr Persaud’s achievements as a business executive, and as a person, make for an astonishing list, in the IPED family he will be mostly remembered for his vision that led to the direct transformation of
thousands of families all across Guyana.

In the most difficult of times Dr Persaud understood that it was necessary to find ways to recreate and nurture small and micro businesses in the country. While his business acumen is unchallenged Dr.
Persaud’s greatest desire was to help people to help themselves.

The small and micro businesses that needed financing and guidance were mostly in families and so his understanding at the business level and the passion in his heart for people were combined into the Institute of Private Enterprise Development Limited that is still thriving and helping people today.

Dr Yesu Persaud has left the IPED family with a sustainable organisation and with a network of almost 5000 small and micro enterprises that are themselves sustainable. Many of these businesses are fulfilling his vision every day as they take advantage of every new opportunity to grow.

As we extend our sincerest heartfelt condolences to his immediate family, they can be assured that Dr. Yesu Persaud will forever be alive in businesses across the length and breadth of Guyana, with future
generations paying tribute to him long after this generation, like him, falls silent.

The Board, Management, and Staff of IPED

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