Health Ministry to stop issuing COVID clearance forms – Dr. Anthony


The Ministry of Health will no longer issue COVID-19 clearance or discharge forms to individuals who recovered from the disease following a surge in the number of people requesting this service.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony announced that starting today (Tuesday), the ministry will cease issuing those forms. And so, when an individual completes their isolation after testing positive for COVID-19, they can simply resume their usual duties.

“When we had two and three persons coming for that discharge certificate, we could go back, check and be able to issue that certificate.

“But with thousands of people, it is extremely difficult to verify the records and issue discharge certificates for everyone,” Dr. Anthony said during his COVID-19 update on Tuesday.

These forms have been used primarily by employees seeking to return to work after a period of isolation due to their coronavirus infection. And it has been a standard practice for the ministry to provide these forms.

But the Health Minister said that updated COVID-19 regulations do not require these certificates. After completing seven to 10 days of isolation, individuals can resume their usual duties.

And if employers in the private sector require these certificates, Dr. Anthony said that they would simply have to make alternative arrangements. He did not state what those arrangements could be.

Discharge certificates will, however, be provided to those patients who are hospitalised as this is a standard practice.

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