Guyanese woman dies days after hit by bus in Suriname


A Guyanese family living in Suriname was plunged into mourning after their 75-year-old relative died days after she was hit by a bus in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Dead is Chaldrica Ramkissoon.

Ramkissoon migrated to Suriname some 50 years ago but would often visit her relatives in Guyana, reconnecting over the holidays with her sisters here.

She was a mother of six children. She lived in Pad Van Wanica, Suriname and had visited the capital city on Friday last to transact business at the bank.

She was recorded as the second fatality of the year in Suriname.

One of her daughters, Marie Arjoon, told the News Room that her mother suffered severe head injuries and was in a coma. Doctors had given her 24hours to live but after she lived past the 24hours, they decided to take her of the medications to see if she would wake up from the coma. But she never did and three days later she died.

“It is only just before I lost my father, then this month is six months since I lost my little brother,” a grieving Arjoon told the News Room.

She explained that just before her mother died, she had visited Guyana to see other relatives.

“She just came back with her family and we didn’t expect that this would be the last,” Arjoon said.

Arjoon explained that after her mother left to visit the bank, they never heard from her and later received a call from the hospital that she had been involved in an accident.

“It is hard to explain but it is really a terrible thing for us right now, we cannot get over it.”

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