Harmon expected to resign from his position – sources


In the face of mounting pressure from the dominant political force in the APNU+AFC Coalition Joseph Harmon could soon resign from his position as early as this week.

The News Room has been reliably informed that a high-level meeting was recently held to discuss how the top position of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) could be decided going forward.

The News Room understands that following his failed attempt to seize the leadership of the People’s National Congress Reform during the December 2021 Congress, Harmon, who holds the positions of Leader of the Opposition and a high-level member of the APNU, has been confronted with weekly manoeuvres from party comrades to give up the post.

He lost to current party leader Aubrey Norton who controls the PNC/R’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) – the party’s highest decision-making body.

At a meeting set for next Monday, a party insider said a decision will be made on Harmon’s resignation.

Harmon himself could not be reached for a comment on Thursday night where meetings were ongoing at the PNC/R Congress Place Headquarters in Sophia.

The News Room understands that there are now possible moves to change the structure of the APNU which allows for the Leader of the PNC/R to be Chairman of the APNU. Former President David Granger currently holds the post but there could be moves seeking to block Norton from getting the post.

Harmon had hoped to be co-opted to the Central Executive Committee of the PNC/R but with almost 10 persons already co-opted, he remains on the outside of the major decision-making body at the party level.

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  1. Matthew says

    Time for change Joe…….you tried and failed and you failed because you came into power and immediately joined forces with a well known construction banna and went off on a junket …..if that was not bad enough you thought the poor of Guyana would applaud one of their own riding around de planet on a private jet thru facebook. We are not other “Countries”. Joe and don’t aspire to be. We are Guyana and we are Guyanese. Always remember that and if you want to help the Country …..remind your successor of this please and then gracefully retire.

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