Linden REO requests Central Gov’t’s help to fix roads


With a small regional budget, authorities in the mining town of Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) have been unable to facilitate much-needed repairs to its road infrastructure, prompting a call from the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dwight John for Central Government to intervene.

The REO relayed to the media on Wednesday that because of the volume and level of deterioration of some main access roads in the community, much help is needed.

“We are massively trying to fix them on our own but our budget is so limited so we really need help because repairing the road is a priority for us,” John explained.

And as the inclement weather pattern continues, the situation only gets worse, he continued.

“We need to ensure that persons living in Region 10 are living a comfortable life and not having their vehicles damaged by terrible roads so while we are actively working on that,  we would like some more assistance,” the REO said.

Althea Adams speaking to the News Room’s Shikema Dey (Photo: News Room/ January 19, 2022)

Althea Adams, a resident of Ice Water Creek, near Block 22 Wismar, Linden bemoaned the horrid state of the main access road in the area.

Adams is a mother of five with three of her children attending schools. But on most rainy days, her children are forced to stay at home because they are unable to traverse the road because of the state it is in.

“It is terrible, and like now, how the rain falling, it is worse… we does got to choose and pick way to walk because if we don’t choose and pick, we sliding down and getting cuts because they got deep cracks in the road,” Adams told the News Room.

She said that sometime last year, an attempt was made to repair the road but the rains washed much of the materials away.

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