New Football Club in Bartica seeks BFA membership


A.K. Galaxy Football Club is a new club that is seeking to gain the necessary compliance to fall under the umbrella of the Bartica Football Club (BFA).

The Club, which was recently formed, will have Marica Seeram as its President and Mario Perreira as its Vice-President. The other executives are Lisa Perreira (Secretary), Patrina Perreira (Treasurer), Melvin Seeram (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer) and Committee Members Ryan Andries and Ashberg Hohenkirk.

According to a release, the club will now apply to the BFA to become a Provisional Member and acquire the opportunity to participate in the programme of the association, with limited membership rights, until it is accepted as a full member by the General Council, following a period of probation.

The BFA assured the new club of full support from the association, which will include the formation of a Satellite Academy Training Centre at Karrau Village.

Should A.K Galaxy become a full member, it will join the other eight clubs that function under the BFA.

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