UPDATE: Sophia stabbing was witnessed by 9-Y-O; murdered woman was pregnant


Murdered in cold blood!

A 24-year-old pregnant woman of ‘C’ Field Sophia, Georgetown, met her demise just after noon on Thursday.

Loretta Simon was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend at her mother’s residence where she had gone to visit and was preparing to cook curry.

Her killer was identified only as ‘Terrence’ who reportedly fled the scene shortly after committing the crime and leaving the murder weapon behind.

The entire ordeal was witnessed by the woman’s nine-year-old sister.

The mother, Letitia Fields, said she received the news while at work at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home.

Letitia Fields

“I deh looking after a dead. Not too long done pack the freezer and then I get a phone call that me daughter get stab to she heart. A man stab she and kill she,” Fields related.

She told the News Room that ‘Terrence’ would usually abuse Simon and during a misunderstanding last year, he had threatened to kill her. Simon had ended the relationship and moved on with another man.

The young lady was also forced to move from her Sophia residence to live with family in Albouystown, Georgetown because of the man’s behaviour and threats. The mother too had changed residence and said she has no clue how he found out where she lives.

The house where the incident occurred

Terrence had gone to the Albouystown residence last night inquiring about Simon. At the time, she was already at her mother’s home.

“I don’t know how he know where I living. She voice note me and tell me she going and cook curry… but I hear he come and he ask for some water and then he ask for more and he said he [wanted to use the toilet],” the woman added.

Detectives visited the home and took away the body which bore a stab wound to the chest.

They have since launched a manhunt for the woman’s killer and an autopsy is expected later this week.

The mother said the reason for the murder may be out of anger that Simon had become pregnant for someone else.

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